Technology: Transforming Teaching and Learning

Technology: Transforming Teaching and Learning

The 21st Century learner has it all ahead of them. Career choices that were unheard of such as Digital Marketing and App Development are now the forerunning career choices of school leavers.

The Technological Revolution is as important now as the Industrial Revolution was in the development of humanity.

How schools teach and use technology matters, educators must be able to teach learners how to use and develop technology and this means having the right equipment in front of the learner.

Dedicated IT labs are no longer seen as the best way to teach, or for students to collaborate on projects and research. Transform the classroom with the latest notebook computers – secured and charged in a portable trolley you can move from classroom to classroom wherever the learners need them to be.

With Microsoft 365 and Teams learners have the powerful enterprise-level software to create and communicate effectively.

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