Wireless Solutions

Project Description

The importance of WiFi

As technology moves really quickly, the demand for a strong WiFi connection follows. Most devices nowadays really on strong WiFi. Whether laptops, mobile phones, tablets and even modern interactive whiteboards require a strong WiFi signal.

Meetings are hosted virtually everyday and there may be 10 or 12 people in a room trying to access emails and make notes. Without a good WiFi connection, the quality and efficiency of this work drops. You may be looking to download a report to review, do video analysis, stream media or much more. Poor or low WiFi coverage would halt all of this.

What can we do?

Improving WiFi coverage is not always a simple as buying an Access Point and plugging it in. A survey is needed, perhaps some cabling works is required, device configuration is crucial as well as the hardware to increase the coverage. We can assist with all these aspects.