Virtual Servers

Project Description

Managed Cloud Services

Choosing the right cloud services for your business growth. With flexibility, we can quickly you’re your IT resources by choosing to go down the route of Cloud Servers & Storage. In a fast moving world, it is important to have the resources to upscale when needed. When you have on-premise servers, you are limited by the capacity of those servers, have high electricity costs and need the space. By going down the virtual route, you pay a monthly fee to host the server in the cloud.

Why us?

We are partnered with Cloud Service Providers who can offer short term solutions, as well as permanent off-premises hosting for all your servers. This will free up capital costs of new hardware and reduce your energy bill.

What about Internet speeds?

The benefit of running a server locally in your premises is you are on the same Local Area Network. This is much faster as you have local access and don’t need Internet access. If you go down the route of virtualising your server, you may need a stronger internet connection and we can also assist you scoping out your existing infrastructure.