Service Desk Manager

Project Description

What is a Part time Service Desk Manager?

With our part time Service Desk Manager service, our customers can access a range of benefits that can help to improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase customer satisfaction.

- Provide access to an experienced professional who is trained in managing Service Desk operations.

- Improve Service Desk operations and ensure that they are aligned with the company's business objectives.

- Provide strategic guidance and operational oversight to ensure that the Service Desk is providing high-quality support to the company's end-users.

- Help to reduce costs associated with staffing and training an internal Service Desk Manager.

- Increase efficiency and reduce downtime.

- Assurance that Service Desk is operating at optimal efficiency and responding to end-user requests and issues in a timely and effective manner.

- Improve the scalability of a business. By accessing scalable and flexible solution that can adjust to changing business needs, without the need to invest in additional resources and infrastructure.

Why a Part time Service Desk Manager?

The salary for a Service Desk Manager in the UK range between £35,000 to £50,000 per year. They will need time to understand the dynamics of the business, you have to cover their salary, sickness benefits, pension and much more. You may not need someone full time.

Using our Part time Service Desk Manager provides flexibility and less risk. We are quality driven and come in to make a difference and don’t get involved in the internal running’s of the organisation.
Whether it is for short term or long term, we can find an option that suits for you. Example scenarios:

You may just need someone to cover annual leave or sickness for an internal Service Desk Manager for a couple of weeks

Your Service Desk Manager is no longer with the business and you need short term or long term cover

You are looking for someone to work on a regular basis to give some direction to a Service Desk team

The Service Levels have dropped and you require someone to come in and make an instant impact

What are the benefits of the Part time IT Director service?

- Experienced Service Desk Manager with a broad skill set and a technical background

- Minimal costs – no company cars, pensions, sick pay. You pay for what you receive.

- Flexible and cost effective – we work with you on how much or how little you need and you don’t get tied into any long term agreements