Office IT Setups

Project Description

Are you moving offices?

Office moves are sometimes a necessity in the progress of a business. You may have outgrown your current office and need a bigger space. Our team can help you to decommission your existing IT equipment, including desktops, laptops, monitors, phones, printers, network equipment and much more. We can then re-commission all of this, as per your requirement in your new office with minimal disruption.

How does it work?

The first stage of any office move is planning. We will visit you to do an audit and work with you to get an inventory of equipment that needs relocating to your new office and anything that is no longer needed, we can assist with disposal.

After the audit, we will provide you an inventory of kit to move or dispose, and then provide you a quote on the service to decommission and recommission in a new office. This can be carried out during working hours, in an evening or over a weekend, depending on your needs.

Once the work has been approved and a date arranged, our engineers will move your equipment with care and precision and ensure you are up and running in your new office with minimal fuss. We can also arrange for IT Engineer presence in your new office after the move to ensure any post-move issues are dealt with efficiently.

Why use us?

You may be looking to set up your first office. Sounds easy? Buy a few laptops, install an Internet Line, connect it all up and you’re off!

The question is, is this the right set up for the long term. Have you considered the security elements of this setup? Where are files going to be stored? How is everyone going to print? And much more. We can help set up your new office, however big or small in a secure manner designed to last.