IT Engineer

Project Description

What is a Part time IT Engineer?

A part time IT Engineer can assist you with covering aspects of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Line support. If you need someone to work alongside your IT Service Desk team, answering calls, logging tickets, dealing with new starter requesters, our Part time IT Engineer can help. You may just need someone to come in and do some desktop support and installation work.
Or you have the need for some experienced hands, someone who can implement a new system, migrate services from one to another, network switch configurations and much more.

Why a Part time IT Engineer?

The salary for IT Engineers can vary depending on experience and skillsets. You have to go through a recruitment process, possibly pay a recruitment fee, an interview process and much more. They will need time to understand the dynamics of the business, you have to cover their salary, sickness benefits, pension and much more.

You may not need someone full time, cover annual leave or sickness or assistance to cover high workload and projects. You may only need someone for a short time, a few days or a few weeks.

Why not just get an IT Contractor?

There is the option to go down the IT Contractor route and it works well for a lot of businesses. However, using our Part time IT Engineer service, you have someone who is accountable to a business and not just themselves. They work with the ethos and values of our business and transfer those qualities when they work with our customers.

They are driven to grow our business and themselves, work and grow our customer base and work with multiple customers so have a variety of skills. An IT Contractor may be dedicated to just one customer for a period of time.