IT Director

Project Description

What is a Part time IT Director?

The role of an IT Director in an organisation is crucial in the structure and delivery of the IT function. A lot of times this role is played by the Finance Director in smaller businesses who perhaps do not have the financial resources for both.

The IT Director is responsible for ensuring the IT Operations run smoothly, by managing technology resources including networks, servers, storage, security and applications. They would often work collaboratively with other senior level executives.
Some of the roles include:

- Overseeing the IT Infrastructure including end-user support

- Develop the overall IT strategy

- Preparing the financial budgets

- Manage and develop relationships with external vendors

- Manage system downtime and improve SLAs

Why a Part time IT Director?

The UK salary for an experienced IT Director ranges from £75,000 to £115,000. A lot of money and investment that some companies just cannot afford. Hiring someone comes with risks, they will need time to understand the dynamics of the business, you have to cover their salary, sickness benefits, pension and much more.

Some of the reasons you may choose to go down our Part time IT Director route:

Your business is growing with a number of challenges and want to be sure you have the IT side, which is crucial to the business, covered.

The business is stable and everything is running well, but prevention is always better than cure. You need to ensure everything is running smoothly and issues are not building up.

Your business needs a cost-effective solution, keep your costs down costs, ensuring every penny of your IT budget is spent wisely and effectively

Your existing IT Director/Manager is leaving and you are looking for an short term solution

What are the benefits of the Part time IT Director service?

- Experienced IT Director with a broad skill set and a technical background

- Minimal costs – no company cars, pensions, sick pay. You pay for what you receive.

- Flexible and cost effective – we work with you on how much or how little you need and you don’t get tied into any long term agreements