Endpoint Management

Project Description

What is Endpoint Management?

Endpoint Management is a platform that allows you to centrally manage all your devices in a single dashboard. We work with a number of vendors and can assist with setting you up a platform for you to have visibility, manage and monitor your devices. Some of the functions depending on the vendor include:

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) – this allows you to monitor and manage devices anytime, anywhere from a single dashboard

Automation – the ability to central automation and run tasks across multiple devices from a central point

Remote Access – you can start remote sessions to your devices instantly, control them and provide support or training to your end users

Patch management – this allows you install updates to your devices from a central devices, such as Windows updates.

Network discovery – this functions scans your network to check for other devices on the same network and is useful

How can we help?

We can set up the relationship with the vendor, implement the solution and train you on how to use the system. We can even provide support to manage your endpoint management solution.