Email Security

Project Description

What is Email Security?

Did you know? 91% of Cyber Attacks start with an email. Attacks are getting more complex and dangerous and businesses are falling behind in preventative measures. Many email threats today use tactics to target users and bypass email security gateways. You need to stay ahead of cyber criminals to protect your business and data.

Spam, Malware, and Advanced Threat Protection - Identify and block spam, viruses, and malware delivered via email messages. Using virus scanning, spam scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection, reputation checks, and other techniques, Barracuda scans email messages and files.

Impersonation Protection - Automatically detect and prevent impersonation, business email compromise, and other targeted attacks. Barracuda's AI engine learns your organization's unique communication patterns and leverages these patterns to identify anomalies and prevent social-engineering attacks in real-time.

Account Takeover Protection - Stop phishing attacks used to harvest credentials for account takeover. Our AI detects anomalous email behaviour and alerts IT, then finds and removes all fraud emails sent from compromised accounts.

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