Desktop PCs

Project Description

Desktop PCs for your School or Business

Whether you are looking for brand new or refurbished options, looking to buy outright or lease, we can help! Working with a number of suppliers, we can offer a solution that suits your budget. From PCs as low as £100, we have something for everyone.

Monitors and other peripherals

Alongside or separate to your Desktop PC, we can supply you monitors and other peripherals such as keyboards and mice.

PC Custom Builds

All of our PCs come either with no Operating System or as a blank Windows image with no customisation. This may not be suitable for you as you need to install a load of applications. As part of our service, we can, at an additional cost build your PC to the spec you required. We can build a custom image for your business deploy this to as many machines as you require. To utilise our Custom PC Build service, contact us to find out more.