Project Description

Leased Lines

Leased Lines are dedicated internet lines that help you do everything at faster speeds, with improved quality of video and voice. They allow you to access ultrafast bandwidth through a private fibre network. Whether you are connecting one office to another, to the internet or adding to your private WAN network, our leased lines help your business and employees work faster, run business critical and cloud applications, and stay online when you need it the most.

- Bandwidth from 100Mbps to 10Gbps

- Direct Access, WAN or Point-to-Point options available

- Guaranteed, dedicated unlimited service exclusive to you

- Fixed IP addressing

- Fixed installation costs

- 24/7/365 monitoring

- Guaranteed 99.95% SLAs and 4-hour fix

- Easy to upgrade

Wireless Leased Lines

The key benefits:

- Bandwidth between 100Mbps and 2Gbps

- Dedicated connectivity

- Superfast installation in 20 working days

- Fixed installation costs

- 24/7/365 monitoring

- Guaranteed 99.95% SLAs and 5-hour fix

- Ideal resiliency connectivity option

These are on 36-month agreements. Installation is typically availability within 20 working days. Subject to landlord approval, successful site survey and any potential licensing requirements. If for any reason, the service cannot be achieved, the order will be cancelled and we’ll contact you to discuss alternative solutions.