Business Centre Tenants

Project Description

What is a Business Centre?

A Business Centre is a physical workspace where businesses can rent out office space, meeting rooms and much more. These spaces usually offer private or shared office solutions with a manned reception, cleaning, internet and other shared services.

What are the problems?

Business Centres often invest lot of money in the design of the offices, fixtures and fittings and often the most important aspect of this shared space, good IT systems are left behind. Often Business Centres would arrange a strong internet connection for the building but insufficient WiFi coverage. Or they would invest in strong WiFi coverage but poor internet speeds.

Solutions for Business Centres Tenants

A Business Centre infrastructure is a shared network across potentially hundreds or thousands of users and all tenants are usually on the same Local Area Network (LAN). Although the Business Centre may have its own security, it is managed by them and for some organisations this may not be sufficient.

For example, to meet Cyber Security standards, you may need your own firewall and local area network that is isolated from the rest. We could isolate your Infrastructure from the shared Business Centre network, i.e. your own private LAN, router, firewall, server, WiFi access points and much more. This can help with improved WiFi coverage. For example, you may have a visit from a high-profile client and you have your own dedicated WiFi.