Business Centre Solutions

Project Description

What is a Business Centre?

A Business Centre is a physical workspace where businesses can rent out office space, meeting rooms and much more. These spaces usually offer private or shared office solutions with a manned reception, cleaning, internet and other shared services. IT systems are a core part of the function of a Business Centre.

What are the problems?

Business Centres often invest lot of money in the design of the offices, fixtures and fittings and often the most important aspect of this shared space, good IT systems are left behind. Often Business Centres would arrange a strong internet connection for the building but insufficient WiFi coverage. Or they would invest in strong WiFi coverage but poor internet speeds.

These are reasons for frustration in a Business Centre and often leads to tenants arranging their own services, at their own cost.

Solutions for Business Centres

We can provide solutions to build a strong IT Infrastructure for the Business Centre, improved WiFi coverage, guest WiFi solutions, meeting room setups, printers and much more. Not only can we implement the solutions, we can then provide a fully managed support service.