Backup Solutions

Project Description

Purpose of Backup Solutions

Businesses around the globe can be unaware of the importance of backing up their data. “We’ve never lost any data” or “we’ve never had our server fail” are usually some of the lines used. However, the worst situation is when there is a failure and you have lost all your data… with no backup.

Our Backup Solutions give you peace of mind that your data is backed up regularly in a secure location. We often look at the costs associated with backups, but not at the costs of retrieving the data, or re-doing the work. How much is the value of your time? If someone has to re-do months of work, is that more cost effective than a backup solution? Read on...

Types of Backups

Whether on-site via a USB, NAS drive or another server, or off-site via tape or in the Cloud, it is important to have a backup solution in place. We can define your backup strategy and decide on several factors:


How long do you keep backups? (retention periods)


Types of backups (full / differential / incremental)


Storage location (on-site, off-site or Cloud)

Microsoft 365 Backups

Microsoft 365 includes limited features for helping to manage data compliance requirements and minimising the risk of accidental data loss. A separate backup solution helps keep control over data and keep backups for longer.
It is easy to say that now your data is managed by Microsoft and it is in the Cloud, they don’t guarantee the data will be 100% safe. The responsibility to ensure the integrity of this data is with the end user and IT Admins.

Our Backup Solutions

We are partnered with industry leaders and our main backup solutions are provided by Veeam, Acronis and Barracuda. Further information can be found from our partners page.