Interactive Screens

Interactive Screens

In 1991 Smart Technologies introduced the education world to their SMART board Interactive Whiteboard to the world and began a revolution in teaching and learning.

Before this, there were whiteboards that the teacher scrolled manually with a metal bar and wrote on with dry-wipe markers, and before that, it was chalkboards and dusters. At the end of each lesson, the board notes were erased forever.

If the teacher wanted to show a video, then the technician had to roll a giant cathode ray tube TV and VCR into the classroom.

21 years later and classroom touchscreens are now the main teaching tool in education. They give access to the internet, rich presentations, video on demand and the ability to save the lesson notes centrally.

This increases learner engagement, offers more opportunities for students to collaborate, some models offer casting to student devices outside school to support hybrid learning for learners who may be unable to attend school. They save time in lesson prep as the teacher can recall saved lessons and notes from the school server or the cloud.

Techienology partner with the leading interactive whiteboard manufacturers and can offer screen sizes and additional technologies to suit all room sizes and budgets.