Classroom Set-up

Introduction to our classroom set-up

Installing computers at a school can be a time-consuming process, especially when there are 49 computers to be installed. However, with careful planning, the task can be completed efficiently and effectively, providing students and teachers with the equipment they need for a successful learning and teaching experience.

Before building the machines, we had a meeting with the IT teacher to discuss the following:

  • Date of the site visit
  • Software required
  • Where the new machines will be located

Once we knew what was required, we got to work!

Our Work Together

The machines were built in our office, which the placement students helped massively with.

When we were happy with one of the builds, we then arranged another meeting with the IT teacher at the school and gave her a live demo of what was on the machines and what the students and staff would see.

Now that the computers were built as the school required, we then packed them up in boxes and loaded the van to take to the school.

We had planned for the site visit to take place during the school holidays to cause the least disruption to staff and students.

Once we arrived on site the IT teacher showed us around the whole school, so we knew where each machine would be going.

We worked as a team, and all took on different tasks which included:

  • Unboxing the computers
  • Unpacking peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and monitors
  • Setup the work area
  • Adding the machines on to the domain
  • Installing the security software

After a whole day of carrying boxes, crawling under desks, paper cuts and sweat we successfully completed this project with a happy customer.

Projects like this can be daunting however with careful planning and organisation can be completed efficiently and effectively with a very rewarding outcome.