BoxWay Packaging Group Ltd

Introduction to BoxWay Packaging Group Ltd

BoxWay Packaging Group Ltd is a newly incorporated corrugated packaging company that is made up of three well established manufacturing plants across the UK.

BoxWay is focused on delivering innovative customer focused solutions and a fleet of foot service to its current and future customers, helping them grow by providing high quality products and services.

BoxWay’s independent ownership provides an entrepreneurial approach to like-minded businesses on a national basis and, with the help of some exciting investment plans, has an ambition to grow into new markets.

Our Work Together

In June 2021, Techienology Ltd won the contract with BoxWay Packaging Group Ltd to be their new Managed IT Service provider.

Now we manage, maintain and monitor all of BoxWay’s IT systems and infrastructure, whilst providing access to our wide range of IT services and solutions including Network, Infrastructure, Applications and Service Desk solutions. In addition to our Endpoint management & Managed services plus.